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Shopping the Globe

At Shopping the Globe, we design and source beautiful home accent pieces that integrate art, culture, and distinctive style using natural, renewable resources. Our goal is to create elegant and stylish décor pieces and functional products for the home using materials that support our environment.

Many of our products are exclusive signature lines unique to Shopping the Globe, and not available elsewhere. The majority of our products are handmade in boutique workshops by artisans who craft our products according to our designs and specifications

Our Mission

We aspire to create beautiful products for the home made from sustainable, natural materials that are earth friendly. Our goal is to concentrate our supply and production from villages and small cooperatives that are family and community oriented. In this way, we can support community based economies where families can derive their livelihood without leaving their homes in small towns and villages, and much of the crafting of products is done in homes and nearby workshops.

Using our Planet’s most Sustainable, Natural Resource – Bamboo

Bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants on this planet, reaching heights of 40 to 60 feet in about 5 years. It is strong enough to replace wood, and can be harvested in 3-5 years versus 10-20 years for timber wood. Bamboo also releases 35% more oxygen than timber, and is more durable than oak.

Bamboo is one of our most versatile resources, in that there are over 1000 species of this green plant, and uses range from flooring, fencing, pulp for paper, food, kitchen utensils & tableware, furniture, and crafted pieces for home décor.

For nearly three years, we have worked on co-developing a process to craft large vases from spun bamboo. Spun bamboo has been used for years to make smaller handicraft items, and we have successfully enhanced this process to create floor vases up to 60 inches tall.

Many large vases on the market today are made from metal and ceramic, and are extremely heavy and cumbersome to ship and move around. Lighter large vases made from resin, plastic and fiberglass use chemical and petroleum materials that are not biodegradable and consume energy resources in production. Our bamboo vases are lightweight, easy to move, biodegradable, and handcrafted from an abundant, natural green resource.

Bamboo is also the primary material used in our accent furniture, tableware, and decorative accessories.

Mango Wood - a Sustainable Wood Resource, Perennially Renewed

The mango tree is a fruit bearing crop that grows throughout Southeast Asia and thrives in humid, warm climates. These trees optimally bear delicious fruit when they are 3-10 years of age, but begin to decline in production after this time. Therefore the older trees are removed and replaced with new plantings, and the tree trunks used for firewood and making of handicrafts. Each year, mango farms replant new trees so the cycle of renewing and harvesting can begin again.

Because mango wood is a soft wood with very fine grain, it is ideal for hand carved, and hand turned lathing instruments. Shopping the Globe has worked with crafts people in the villages of Northern Thailand to design and create large vases and other home accents from this recycled and constantly renewed resource. All of our mango wood products are hand crafted in small villages by families working from their homes, and in local village workshops where these crafting skills are passed down to the next generation.

Our Floral & Botanical Products

Today’s floral industry is dominated by two major components; fresh flowers which are the most beautiful and desirable, but only last an average of one week, and artificial flowers made from plastics, resins, and silk that will last longer than our lifetime.

At Shopping the Globe we endeavor to forge a path in the middle, with floral arrangements made from plants, trees, and other live botanicals. These dried and preserved botanicals will last much longer than fresh flowers, ranging from a few months to a few years, and they bear much of the warmth and realism of live plants and flowers.

The majority of our foliage used in arrangements is harvested in the tropics of Southeast Asia. We use tall palm stalks, giant pod leaves, coconut leaf stems, rubber tree leaves, and other botanical material that are dried and hand dyed into stunning combinations for our floral arrangements. We also work closely with growers in California who supply us with a large variety of local, fresh cut branches and foliage such as mazanita, willow, and dogwood for our tall vases.

Founder and President – Leia J. Tunnaye

Shopping the Globe was founded in 2005 by Leia J. Tunnaye. One of Leia's goals is to promote appreciation of different cultures, crafts, and peoples from around the world. Her other goal is to increase environmental awareness and demonstrate how we can utilize renewable, green materials in our homes and everyday living. Leia’s vision was to create a new look of lifestyle décor using natural, sustainable materials that are Eco-friendly and beneficial to our environment.

Leia was born in Rangoon, Burma and immigrated with her family to the United States to attend high school and university. She majored in Economics at Cornell University, and Business Management and Marketing at New York University. Leia then spent more than 20 years working in both small and large U.S. corporations in the areas of Sales, Marketing, and Business Development.

After leaving her last post as Vice President of Business Development for an Internet firm, Leia began formulating her ideas for this new venture which represents her true passion and dream job. Leia loves to design and decorate, and has spent most of her free time (outside of her corporate jobs) designing and remodeling the different homes she has lived in. Leia lives now in Cupertino with her husband and son in their home which she designed and built, and personally worked on every aspect of the construction from building the foundation to the finishing touches of faux painting on the walls.

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